At Downtown Doral school…

“The School That Never Sleeps”

Jeannette Acevedo-Isenberg, the head of school at Downtown Doral Charter Elementary has received applause for her achievements. Prior to leading Downtown Doral Charter Elementary, she worked at the prestigious Sunset Elementary School.

As head of Downtown Doral Charter school, Ms. Acevedo-Isenberg has executed a highly regarded dual language program. Students may select either a Spanish or Portuguese track. Acevedo-Isenberg modeled the popular dual program after Sunset’s.

Ms. Acevedo-Isenberg has received numerous awards for her work at Downtown Doral Charter School and beyond. One of many is the Leonard Miller Principal Leadership Award, which she received from the Council for Educational Change. Under Acevedo-Isenberg’s leadership, Downtown Doral Charter received an “A” rating in its first year of operation and had the highest math scores in the district.

Additionally, she has implemented an after-school enrichment program which offers extracurricular activities, including chess, martial arts, theater, ballet classes, and more. She proudly stated, “the school never sleeps”, as they are always seeking new improvements and programs to better the students.

With an increasing popularity of both the school’s programs and the growth of the surrounding Downtown Doral community, Ms. Acevedo-Isenberg, has opted to create a fifth grade to accommodate the rising number of applicants.

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