Miami Herald- Here’s why everyone is moving to Doral

Why is everyone moving to Doral? Census says it’s the fastest growing city in Florida

Recently recognized as one of the top 15 fastest growing cities in the country, Doral has become a hub for upscale residential living. In just the last six years, the city has experienced an increase of nearly 53,000 residents. The city has also become home to new residential properties, from posh condos to luxury single-family homes. Property values have multiplied in recent years and current Doral residents have noticed a significant increase in their home equity.

The low property tax rate, exceptional school options, and low crime rate have dubbed Doral one the most desired places to live. Doral’s future promises a mix of both residential and non-residential state-of-the-art projects, including retail, medical centers, parks, schools, office spaces and more.

Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School in just two years has received significant recognition for its academic achievements and stellar faculty members. It has an A+ rating from Florida School Grades and in addition to a core American curriculum it offers a unique dual language program with tracks in Spanish and Portuguese. The school accepts applicants across Miami, but gives preference to residents of Downtown Doral.

Beyond its education system, Downtown Doral and the city offers lifestyle amenities that cater to what people look for in a place to live, whether that is a safe and comfortable place to raise a family or a place to dine, live well and enjoy the luxuries of a spa, golf course and country club.

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